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AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers are the most robust and versatile fine bubble diffusers commercially available. We have been manufacturing the diffusers for many years and are one the leading air diffuser manufacturers in VIETNAM. High technology AQUATEC® diffusers are cost effective designed, low installation costs & reliable. Our high quality EPDM membrane material exhibits very good resistance to municipal wastewater, sewage treatment plant. The best solution is used increase the level of dissolved oxygen for shrimp farming, fish farming, indoor farming...

QUATEC® Diffuser Tube Membrane

AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers product lines

  • AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers is designed high oxygen transfer efficiency.

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency

    Large numbers of small bubbles will transfer far more oxygen than a small number of large bubbles due to the increase in total bubble surface area. AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers generate smaller bubbles than those coming from holes drilled in pipe. Therefore, when using diffusers you can achieve a desired amount of oxygen transfer with less air (less energy demand). This means lower blower operating speeds and lower energy costs. This is especially true if you incorporate smaller bubble diffusers into your system.

    Added value

    - High oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) up to 5.5 kg/kWh
    - Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels
    - Reduces energy costs by up to 75%
    - Excellent mechanical and chemical properties compared to silicone and EPDM
    - Low replacement cost

  • Clogging Issues

    While drilling holes in pipes seems like a simple, pragmatic option, diffusers are designed to help keep the contents of your tank from entering your air supply lines and prevent clogging when the blower is not operating. The membranes on fine bubble diffusers contract and serve as a check valve when air pressure is not applied internally.

    Anti-Clogging and Self-cleaning

    Dynamic orifices are more robust than static orifices and do not clog as easily because of their ability to expand and contract. Secondly, since EPDM material is malleable, excellent elastic, smooth surface, it is equipped with a “self-cleaning capability.” By bumping the airflow up a notch, the orifices will expand and expel any surfactants that have begun to build up or clog them. Due to these features and a much lower risk of clogging, dynamic orifices tend to have a much more efficient long term field transfer efficiency than static orifices.

  • EPDM Find Bubble Diffuser

    AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers aer non-clogging, self-cleaning


Easy installation

Our configuration innovation with unmatched system simplicity... results up to 33% reduction in system installation time compared to competing other aeration systems.

Tube Membrane Diffuser

A lot of ways to install AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers


AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers playing in Aquaculture

Since a majority of all aquaculture problems, including disease, are caused by poor water quality and, in turn, most water quality problems can be resolved with proper aeration (oxygenation), it is clear that aeration plays a crucial role in this process. Ussing AQUATEC® aeration system has the following advantages:

 It increases the dissolved oxygen level of the water and prevents oxygen depletion during the night.
 It accelerates the diffusion effect of not only the oxygen, but also enables the capture or release of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is important for culture of algae and therefore for maintenance of appropriate watercolor.
 It facilitates the volatilization of undesirable gases such as N2, NH3, CH4 and H2S.
 It reduces the daily fluctuation range of pH value.
 It accelerates the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter in water and soil and helps in the release of nutritive value of fertilizers.
 It diminishes the possible stratification of pH, DO, salinity and temperature in the pond water.
 It helps in mixing the pond water and maintenance of ideal conditions all over the pond.
 It increases turbidity when necessary.

Indoor shrimp farming

 Membrane Tube Diffusers


Indoor shrimp farming utilizing AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers.

Grow-out ponds

EPDM Tube Diffuser

Fine bubble diffusers operating in a shrimp grow-out ponds


Fish farming tanks

Fish farming tanks

Fish farms in the Desert, concrete tanks or composite tanks is the fastest growing crop on the planet!


Optimize your wastewater treatment experience

The AQUATEC® aeration system includes a broad range of product models and options to meet your facility’s unique requirements. High quality, our products have proven resilient in the harshest municipal and industrial wastewater environments. Utilizing AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers, your target the fastest possible project payback period.

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Industrial wastewater treatment utilizing find tube diffusers