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Hoa Mai - Air Diffuser Plate

Simple and Efficient

"Hoa Mai" Air diffuser plate - a creative ideal which help you experiment oxygen supply system for shrimp/fish farming more simply, quickly and effectively. It does not take you more time to make diffuser plate, simplify to combine "Hoa Mai" spare parts with NANO TUBE® diffuser tubing to create a compact, user-friendly diffuser.

HOA MAI - Air Diffuser Plat

"HOA MAI" Air Diffuser Plate

Easy to install

"Hoa Mai" Air diffuser plates are simple designed you can install them by many ways. Inlet of "Hoa Mai" Air diffuser grids use female threaded Ø21 so it is easy to connect with main pipe. With shrimp farms use HDPE geomembrane liner, concrete farms, fish cage, ect...."Hoa Mai" diffuser plates will help you install more user-friendly than other models.

Pond liner

A pond used HDPE geomembrane liner and "Hoa Mai" diffuser plates

Conformity with nursery ponds

Nursery ponds are more and more used by farmers in shrimp raising process. The purpose of nursery ponds reduce loss for larvae, control disease before releasing larvae in grow out ponds. This method is applied in developmental aquaculture countries. Nursery ponds are often released Postlarvae with high density it depends on knowledge and experience of farmers, from 500-2000 Postlarvae/m2, time from 15-30 days. This is special development period of shrimp and "overcome an obstacle" period of farmers. Air diffuser system is used with "Hoa Mai" diffuser plates which helps farmers increase dissolved-oxygen level easily for nursery ponds.

Oxygen for shrimp farming

Shrimp nursery system


"HOA MAI" Air Diffuser Plates are simple and convenient