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Magnetic Drive Pump TMD

Magnetic Drive Pump materials comprise mainly GFR-PP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene) and PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). The former could stand for 80o C liquid, and the latter could stand for 100o C liquid. To select proper material by knowing the ingredients of the liquid. All major parts of TRUNDEAN TMD series pumps have great anti-corrosion ability. Therefore, almost every chemical liquid could be transported safely.

Magnetic Drive Pump TRUNDEAN

TRUNDEAN Magnetic Drive Pump (Series TMD-06~25 & TMD-37~350)

Magnetic Drive Pump abandons traditional mechanical seals design. The pump, which is totally sealed, won’t cause any environmental pollution because of its no leakage feature. In additional, all the pump parts are modularized. It could be assembled easily but without any special tools. Thus, it not only saves much time to maintain the pump but also saves much repairing cost for the users.

Magnetic Drive Pump could be widely applied to many industries such as PCB manufacturing process, chemical industry, filtration, etching, electroplating and surface treatment, etc... It has great performance no matter in low capacity/ high head or low head/ high capacity condition.

Magnetic drive pump

Overview structure of TRUNDEAN Magnetic Drive Pump


- Seal-free, no leakage.
- Excellent corrosion resistant materials such as SIC, ceramics, inox #316 etc…
- Designed with an emphasis on improved durability.
- Easy to assemble. Wide applications


- PCB manufacturing process
- Chemical industry
- Filtration
- Etching
- Electroplating
- Heat exchanger
- Seawater aquaculture


- Dry running is strictly prohibited
- The pumps are not appropriate for the solutions which contain crystal or particles.