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Membrane Disc Diffusers

Membrane Disc Diffuser (Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers)

  • Membrane Disc Diffusers feature an unique, patented design for fine bubble aeration. High oxygen transfer efficiency, Low pressure loss.

    - Easy installation and maintenance: Because the membrane is unified with the frame, it can be raised and lowered without draining water from the tank when installing and maintaining the unit. This allows for installation on an existing aeration tank. A type with the membrane fixed at the bottom of the tank is also available. When the membrane needs replacement, it can be replaced singly.

  • Features & Benefits

    Membrane Disc Diffusers are constructed with premium quality EPDM membranes engineered for superior product life, operational flexibility and maximum oxygen transfer efficiency. The units are ideally suited for continuous or on/off application and require minimal maintenance for long-term performance.

    - Anti-clogging & Fouling preventative design: The unique design of positions the fine bubble diffusers 8 inch above the bottom sediments in order to avoid the clogging and fouling that has plagued conventional fine bubble aerators. This leads to improved wastewater treatment throughout the aeration process.
    -High efficiency, self-cleaning EPDM membranes: Our Membrane Disc Diffusers are equipped with EPDM membranes that provide high Oxygen Transfer Efficiencies (OTE). These membranes are also designed to be self-cleaning, thereby lowering the risk of fouling that can lead to diminished oxygen transfer over time.
    - High durability: High durability has been attained through the adoption of a cylindrical form that maintains a uniform load, and a special silicon rubber that has superior thermal and chemical resistance characteristics. Stable operation over long periods of time is possible.
    - Saves power: Higher oxygen transfer efficiency is maintained by ultra file bubble. This greatly reduces power for aeration compared with the conventional method.
    - Suitable for various shapes of aeration tanks: By changing the arrangement of the unit, it is suitable for various shapes of aeration tanks. If installation at the bottom of the tank is difficult, a floating type is available.


Simple, high performance!

The diffusers provide high levels of oxygen transfer to aid aerobic biological processes and to minimise odour generation. When air is injected into the diffuser, the rubber membrane lifts off the plastic support base, resulting in thousands of holes opening and releasing air.

Membrane diffuser

Membrane Disc Diffuser structure

Easy Installation!

The advanced design of disc diffuser high density fine bubble diffuser assemblies provides many advantages over previous systems. For example, require as few as half as many air diffuser headers, support stands, couplings, end caps, and manifold connections. The result is a very economical system that can be installed at 20% - 40% less cost

Disc Diffuser Installation

Disc Diffusers installation