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Major advance in water aeration


We are proud to introduce NANO TUBE® aeration tubing, the next major advance in water aeration. Building on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have developed NANO TUBE® aeration tubing, a more affordable and durable aeration tube and one of the most efficient products on the market. NANO TUBE® products are designed, manufactured and patented specifically for oxygen transfer and aeration efficiency. NANO TUBE® continuous bubble aeration tubing delivers oxygen in volumes that are unmatched by other systems, and at an energy cost that is often less than half than that of conventional systems.

New aeration technology

It doesn’t matter if an aeration system or device splashes, sprays, or diffuses air, the bottom line is how much surface area it creates. The surface area is where water contacts air and where oxygen transfer takes place. Smaller bubble size results in more surface area, which is why fine bubble aeration devices are superior in oxygen transfer than coarse bubble aerators. To maximize aeration efficiency in a system, an aerator must create fine bubbles while expending a minimum amount of energy. NANO TUBE® technology meets both goals, and does so with a long-life, low-maintenance system.

High energy efficiency

The technology behind the extremely high performance and efficiency of NANO TUBE® is our twice-patented manufacturing process which, through a unique combination of technique and raw material, creates numerous tiny pores throughout the length of the hose. These micro-pores allow the efficient transfer of air into the water. By combining NANO TUBE® aeration tubing with an efficient clean air blower, you create a high efficiency, low cost method of aerating water.

NANO TUBE® achieves its high energy efficiency

Due to the number of pores created during our manufacturing process, there is little resistance created when pushing air through the tubing. Resistance equals energy demand. By working with NANO TUBE®, you can use significantly less horsepower when compared with traditional methods of aeration (paddlewheels, aspirators, less efficient tubing).

NANO TUBE®’s tiny pore size creates extremely small diameter bubbles. The smaller a bubble of air the more efficiently it transfers oxygen into water (more surface area!). Small bubbles also take longer to rise once they are introduced into water. Slower rising, small-diameter bubbles mean more contact with the water and a much higher rate of oxygen transfer. By creating significantly smaller bubbles, more efficiently, NANO TUBE® products are able to deliver high rates of oxygen transfer and energy efficiency.

By creating significantly smaller bubbles, more efficiently, NANO TUBE® products are able to deliver high rates of oxygen transfer and energy efficiency.

Máy tạo oxy nuôi tôm
NANO TUBE® cages provide oxygen and water flow

Aquaculture Aeration

Paddle wheel aerator graveyard

Since a majority of all aquaculture problems, including disease, are caused by poor water quality and, in turn, most water quality problems can be resolved with proper aeration (oxygenation), it is clear that aeration plays a crucial role in this process.

Oxygen is the main limiting factor in both recirculating and traditional aquaculture systems. Less than the required levels lead to poor water quality, poor feed conversion ratios (FCR), reduced growth and increased mortality. With high energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming much more important when comparing aeration techniques and devices. Many of the traditional aeration devices like paddlewheels and aspirator style aerators have a poor track record of reliability and higher overall energy requirements. “Aerator Graveyards” have become a common sight throughout the industry as old aeration devices are replaced and discarded year after year.

Higher dissolved oxygen

The benefits of NANO TUBE® technology include a major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates per hour, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line. To see exactly how NANO TUBE® outperforms other aeration devices.

Ống oxy

NANO TUBE® advantages

NANO TUBE® aeration tubing can solve these problems with these distinct its advantages:

Reduces energy costs by up to 75%.
Lack of moving parts provides a very low maintenance alternative
Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels
Allows for higher stocking densities
Allows for higher feeding rates
Allows for more frequent feedings
Faster Growth and reduced FCR
Low start up cost
Low replacement cost

Ống oxy nuôi tôm
NANO TUBE® disc in the pond bottom

Reduces energy costs by up to 75%.

By utilizing the NANO TUBE® diffuser grid, the NANO BOT® is modular in design so it can be sized up or down to fit the customer’s specific application. Made of reinforced plastic, it is designed to endure the harshest marine and freshwater environments.

Công nghệ biofloc
NANO BOT® without blower. We only use a blower for many water flow cages

Extremely low maintenance

NANO TUBE® technology does not incorporate any moving parts, resulting in an extremely low maintenance requirement. By comparison, technologies like paddlewheels, aspirators and other aeration technologies require regular, and sometimes expensive and exasperating, maintenance.

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NANO TUBE® disc for nursery pond