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NANO TUBE® Diffuser Grids

Proper pond and water quality management is essential to successful and quality shrimp production. Dissolved oxygen is one of several important water quality parameters that a producer will monitor daily. Maintaining good dissolved oxygen concentrations is essential for successful production.

Grow-out shrimp ponds

The success of shrimp farming is measured by its rate of return on investment which mainly depends upon the yield, capital investment, market price and the production cost. This in turn is affected by a number of factors the most important of which are farm operation and management. The NANO TUBE® aeration system requireds a lot less horse power, high efficient that creates savings energy for the farmers.

Nuôi tôm Biofloc

Indoor ponds

Since a majority of all aquaculture problems, including disease, are caused by poor water quality and, in turn, most water quality problems can be resolved with proper aeration (oxygenation), it is clear that aeration plays a crucial role in this process. NANO TUBE® aeration system has become a better than other systems due to less horsepower, small diameter bubbles. The smaller a bubble of air the more efficiently it transfers oxygen into water (more surface area!).

Nuôi cá trong nhà
Indoor ponds system

Fish farming

Tilapia has become the third most important fish in aquaculture after carp and salmon (Aquaculture of tilapia). Fish farming can bring significant economic development into depressed regions, especially in less developed countries. You can offer solutions to build a tilapia farming at home, tilapia tank, tilapia ponds or intensive tilapia farms (biofloc technology). Regulated fish farming reduces the potential negative impact on the environment due to oxygen depletion and ensures that fish do not suffer due to improper oxygen balance. The fish are healthy and tastes good when they are raised in an oxygen rich environment.

Sục oxy ao nuôi cá
Fish ponds using aeration system

Environmental improvement

Lake, ponds and rivers in urban and agricultural areas often struggle in dealing with organic overload and run-offs rich in nutrients from farming and other diffuse sources. The water body often becomes void of oxygen and will experience blooms of (toxic) algae, leading to unfavorable conditions and in some cases to public health concerns. NANO TUBE® aeration system can be used for bringing air (oxygen) directly into the water, and thereby giving a hand to the decomposition of nutrients. It can also be used for the stimulation of circulation in the water masses.

Xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt
Improving your pond environment