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NANO TUBE® Disc Diffusers

Better air diffuser

NANO TUBE® disc are designed to optimally use of aeration tubes NANO TUBE® aeration tubing. Simply, connect NANO TUBE® with our accessories and you will immediately enjoy the high efficiency with NANO TUBE® technology. NANO TUBE® disc provides a solution quickly and easily to perform the air aeration technology on your system.


Oxygen transfer efficiency

NANO TUBE® disc transfer oxygen into water efficiency, wide diffusion area, specially designed to provide oxygen for pond, fish farming, fish farming in cages ...

oxy đáy nuôi tôm

Indispensable for aquaculture

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the most important parameters in aquaculture. Maintaining good levels of DO in the water is essential for successful production since oxygen (O2) has a direct influence on feed intake, disease resistance and metabolism. A sub-optimal level is very stressful for fish and shrimp. It is therefore important to keep DO at optimum levels of above 4.0 ppm.

Máy tạo oxy nuôi tôm

Water quality management

Successful aquaculture depends on healthy fish and proper water quality management. Poor water quality reduces growth and affects health of fish. Fish diseases usually occur after stress from impaired water quality. Water quality management is very important if water is limited and runoff or other surface water is the principal source of water for aquaculture

High density shrimp pond

Allows for higher stocking densities

Oxygen is the main limiting factor in both recirculating and traditional aquaculture systems. Less than the required levels lead to poor water quality, poor feed conversion ratios (FCR), reduced growth and increased mortality. Using NANO TUBE® disc can solve these problems, allows for higher stocking densities...

Cánh quạt nước nuôi tôm

Response standards for aquaculture

NANO TUBE® disc response criteria for simple and complex. If oxygen is low and you are dumping in feed, I can guarantee within a few minutes you will have stressed shrimp at the surface. If you don’t have good air diffuser system, it is very risky for your production.

Thiết bị tạo oxy nuôi tôm

Nuôi tôm trong nhà

Raceways system

Máy oxy nuôi tôm giống

Tilapia in recirculation

Nuôi tôm sú

Tôm thẻ chân trắng

Nuôi cá rô phi

Xử lý nước thải


Reduces energy costs by up to 75%

The using solution NANO TUBE® disc helps you reduces energy costs by up to 75% compared to other air aeration systems. Deep understanding, logical approach, science and real experiences, our air diffusion system gives you high performance and convenience of installation. An air compressor can provide more oxygen to the pond and operate several hours.

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