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NANO TUBE® Aeration Hose (AERO TUBE®)

Since a majority of all aquaculture problems, including disease, are caused by poor water quality and, in turn, most water quality problems can be resolved with proper aeration (oxygenation), it is clear that aeration plays a crucial role in this process.

Oxygen is the main limiting factor in both recirculating and traditional aquaculture systems. Less than the required levels lead to poor water quality, poor feed conversion ratios (FCR), reduced growth and increased mortality. With high energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming much more important when comparing aeration techniques and devices.

NANO TUBE® achieves its high energy efficiency in two ways:

Due to the number of pores created during our manufacturing process, there is little resistance created when pushing air through the tubing. Resistance equals energy demand. By working with Nano Tube®, you can use significantly less horsepower when compared with traditional methods of aeration (paddlewheels, aspirators, less efficient tubing).

Nano Tube®'s tiny pore size creates extremely small diameter bubbles. The smaller a bubble of air the more efficiently it transfers oxygen into water (more surface area!). Small bubbles also take longer to rise once they are introduced into water. Slower rising, small-diameter bubbles mean more contact with the water and a much higher rate of oxygen transfer.

By creating significantly smaller bubbles, more efficiently, NANO TUBE® products are able to deliver high rates of oxygen transfer and energy efficiency.


The benefits of pond aeration

  • NANO TUBE® Aeration Hose
  • Reduce algal blooms
    Increase dissolved oxygen concentrations
    Increase water clarity
    Eliminate stress to shrimp, fish & aquatic organisms (Fishkills)
    Improves livestock, shrimp & fish health
    Allows for higher stocking densities
    Allows for more frequent feedings
    Faster growth and reduced FCR
    Diminishes noxious odors


The benefits of NANO TUBE®

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 75%
    Bubbles size 1-3mm
    Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels
    Allows for higher stocking densities
    Allows for higher feeding rates
    Allows for more frequent feedings
    Faster Growth and reduced FCR
    Low start up cost
    Reducing noxious odors NH2, NO2, H2S,...
    Supporting aquatic organisms
    Improving the quality of fisheries
    Easy installation



NANO TUBE® Aeration Technical Specifications

Nano Tube® aeration Technical Specifications


NANO TUBE® Applications

NANO TUBE® technology has been used successfully with a wide range of Aquaculture species and in a wide range of production systems. Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using traditional aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of an NANO TUBE® aeration system.

Recirculation systems
Grow-out ponds
Livestock trucks

Indoor shrimp farming, high density shrimp farming

Indoor shrimp farming

Indoor shrimp farming utilizing NANO TUBE® aeration hose.


Grow-out ponds

Grow-out ponds

NANO TUBE® operating in a shrimp grow-out ponds.