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New Technology Aerators for wastewater treatment plan

Model: 2L-A200
Power: 1.5kW (2HP)
Voltage: 220V/380V – 50Hz, 3 phase
Speed: 1420 vòng/phút
Dissolved oxygen transfered: 7.0 kg O2/hr
Diffusion Area: 500 m2
Operating Current: (A) ~3.1 Amp


With thousands of units in operation around the world, O2-TURBINE® aerators have a solid record of maximizing performance while minimizing energy consumption. O2-TURBINE® sub-surface aerators deliver excellent oxygen transfer and high mixing efficiency to a wide range of wastewater treatment processes in any climate. From extended aeration and activated sludge processes to lagoons and oxidation ditch applications, the O2-TURBINE® aerator’s rugged but efficient design maximizes treatment performance while minimizing energy consumption. This unique product mixes and aerates all or part of a basin.

The advantages of O2-TURBINE®:

No internal moving parts
No maintenance needed
No Oil
Completely reliable and maintenance free
No worries about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled
New advanced technology based on hydrodynamics
Designed for different liquids with varying densities or viscosity
Most energy efficient on the market
Virtually clog free
Will not corrode
Designed to run 24/7
Able to deliver up to 18 liters of air per/second
Most efficient self-aspirating oxygen aerator on the market
Provides the best ratio between energy consumption and oxygen transfer


Pond water aeration, municipal waste-water aeration, aquaculture aeration, horticulture aeration, winery and brewery waste lagoons, golf course ponds, livestock tanks/stocked fishing ponds, lake way and cove aeration, confined animal waste lagoons, drinking water pre-treatment, quality of fisheries, small liquid aeration application, more and more.

The O2-TURBINE® is excellent for water quality improvement because it can effectively remove harmful gases in the water by replacing such gases with dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen is dispersed throughout the lagoon by the powerful circulation ability of the turbine.

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