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Máy sục khí O2-Jeter

O2-JETER® Aerator

O2-JETER® Aerator (also called O2-JETER® Sub-surface Aerator, O2-JETER® Aspirator Aerator) deliver excellent oxygen transfer and high mixing efficiency to a wide range of wastewater treatment processes in any climate. From extended aeration and activated sludge processes to lagoons and oxidation ditch applications, the O2-JETER® aerator’s rugged but efficient design maximizes treatment performance while minimizing energy consumption. This unique product mixes and aerates all or part of a basin.

O2-JETER® Aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance… all at an economic price. For over years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the O2-JETER® Aerator for their aquatic applications.


The advantages of O2-JETER®

  • O2-JETER® Aerator
  • Strong water current
    Optimum oxygen transfer
    Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion
    Destratification of water = Uniform temperature and oxygen
    Low maintenance due to only one moving part
    Completely reliable and maintenance free
    Water lubricated bearing – No artificial lubrication necessary
    No worries about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled
    New advanced technology based on hydrodynamics
    Designed for different liquids with varying densities or viscosity
    Most energy efficient on the market
    Adjust Anchor 30o, 45o, 90o easily, quicky



Explore the various aquatic applications using the O2-JETER® Aerator.

Introduction to the O2-JETER® Aspirator Aerator

The O2-JETER® has been successfully applied to a variety of aquatic applications over the years, including:

  • For Aquaculture:

    Saltwater Shrimp
    Freshwater Prawn

  • For Wastewater treatment plants:

    Food processing plants
    Lagoon aeration
    Animal waste-lagoon aeration
    Municipal wastewater treatment plants
    Dairies, wineries, and beverage plants
    Pulp and paper mills, and textile facilities
    Refineries, chemical, and petrochemical plants