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  • Paddlewheel aerators (1HP) for super-intensive shrimp farming.

  • Paddle wheel aerators (1HP) for high stocking densities shrimp farming.


High Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Paddle wheel aerators generate the dissolved oxygen higher than other brands do. Because years of continuous R & D and design of larger paddle wheel-used impeller with relatively wide of 220m/m and draft of 90m/m. While our paddle wheel can water up to 20M long, therefore, All of the dissolved oxygen can be higher.

Paddlewheel aerator

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Paddle wheel aerator 1HP and 2HP

Avoid stress the oxygen concentration

Aeration is necessary when the oxygen concentration of the water is going to fall below a point where stress to the organisms occurs. When organisms are stressed their growth is reduced or stopped, their susceptibility to diseases is increased and their reproductive cycles may be altered. The ability of different organisms to tolerate low oxygen concentrations is variable; however, as a rule of thumb, to avoid stress the oxygen concentration should always be maintained above 70% of the saturation level.

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Paddlewheel aerators widely used all over the world, speciall in intensive ponds and raceways.

Oxygen required three times

Increased aeration can transform a fishery by promoting extended feeding. During hot weather, dissolved oxygen levels may fall dramatically, resulting in fish becoming torpid. A feeding fish may have an oxygen requirement three times the level of a non-feeding fish. Aerators can maintain a more consistent level of dissolved oxygen which will also add long term health benefits for the fish stocks.

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Paddle wheel aerators made in TAIWAN is best your choice!

More efficient

As a rule of thumb, paddle-wheel aerators are 50 per cent more efficient than either air-injection devices or air-diffusion methods. Surface agitators can be controlled with a time switch. As soon as they are switched on they work at 100 per cent efficiency.

Paddle-wheel aerators
High-speed working impellers splash the water into the air, high efficiency of oxygen transfering

Indispensable for Biofloc technology

Biofloc is defined as macroaggregates composed of diatoms, macroalgae, fecal pellets, exoskeleton, remains of dead organisms, bacteria and invertebrates. It is possible this microbial protein has a higher availability than feed protein.

The power input to the ponds depended on stocking density, as Biofloc technology requires high aeration and water flow to keep culture water in suspension.

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High density shrimp pond is using paddle wheel aerators to increase dissolved oxygen levels