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This paddlewheel aerators widely used all over the world, speciall in intensive ponds and raceways. They are available with 2-6 paddle wheels, in different power ratings from 0,75 to 2,20 kw (for 220 or 380 Volt) and have a weight of 80-120 kg. The oxygen introduction is usually about 1.6 kg/kwh. Wheel and frame are made of steel, the paddles from special plastic material and the H-formed floats from thick UV- and ozone resistant plastic.

High density shrimp farming

Paddlewheel aerators are the most common types used in large ponds, shrimp farms, fish pond, high density shrimp farming, biofloc technology, etc...

Paddlewheel aerator

Paddle-wheel aerator


Paddlewheel aerators widely used all over the world, speciall in intensive ponds and raceways

Indoor shrimp farming

Oxygen is one environmental parameter that exerts a tremendous effect on growth and production through its direct effect on feed consumption and metabolism and its indirect effect on environmental conditions. Oxygen affects the solubility and availability of many nutrients. Low levels of dissolved oxygen can cause changes in oxidation state of substances from the oxidized to the reduced form. Lack of dissolved oxygen can be directly harmful to culture organisms or cause a substantial increase in the level of toxic metabolites. It is therefore important to continuously maintain dissolved oxygen at optimum levels of above 3.5 ppm. Combined paddle wheel aerators with air diffuser systems is an effective solution to increase the oxygen in the water.

indoor shrimp farms

Paddle wheel aerators and NANO TUBE® air diffuser system in a indoor shrimp farming

Raceway ponds

Raceway pond used for the shrimp, fish, cultivation of microalgae, etc. The water is kept in constant motion with a powered paddle wheel.

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Raceways used paddle wheel aeators moving water

Algae farms

Being the largest segment in world marine aquaculture, extensive and intensive production technologies for macroalgae are developed and wide spread. The extensive technologies are carried out mostly in warm coastal seawater, using sunlight and nutrients that are brought in by currents of the sea. Pond technologies have operated commercially in several farms.

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Algae farms