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Paddle wheel aerator 2HP

Model: HS-A240a
Power: 1.5kW (2HP, 220V/380V-50Hz, 1-3ph, 4P)
Impellers: NYLON (One piece molded)
Speed: ~100 R.P.M
Frame: SUS $304
Floats, Motor Cover: HDPE (One piece molded)
Reduer: Type #80, 15:1
Size: 165×222×90 cm

Pond aeration benefits

Reducing biochemical oxygen demand
Pre-treating water used in treatment systems for drinking water
Reducing Algae blooms
Reducing chemical oxygen demand
Reducing sludge
Reducing stress in fish
Supporting aquatic organisms
Remediating livestock waste
Improving fish health
Reducing noxious odors in waste lagoons
Improving water clarity
Reducing mosquito populations
Improving the quality of fisheries
Preventing freezing in wastewater ponds
Improving small liquid aeration applications

CQ:Certified by Manufacturer
CO: Certified by Taiwan Import & Export Commerce
Origin: Taiwan

Paddle wheel aerator