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  • Paddle wheel aerators (2HP) for indoor intensive shrimp farming.

  • Paddlewheel aerators (2HP) for wastewater treatment pond before transfering growout ponds.


Cost effective

Our paddle wheel aerator is 4-wheel structure with three floating boat and big stainless steel frame while using 2HP motor and high-quality reducer so that the paddle wheel aerator can be more stable and not easy to swing during operation. However, there are four wheel for the oxygen generation and create a bigger water flow and more dissolved oxygen. It can decrease the quantity of paddle wheel use and reduce the cost of purchase.

Paddle wheel aerator

Paddle wheel aerator - 2HP (380V, 3 pha, 50Hz), 4 impellers, 3 floating boat

Large and deep water flow

2HP paddle whee aerator to compare with the 1HP paddle wheel aeator with larger water flow and more dissolved oxygen, the most important to apply in deep shrimp ponds. Due to the large flow and more wide range of oxygen caused by 2HP paddle wheel aerator, it is a easy-proliferation for the bottom of the ponds. Applicable to large-scale aquaculture ponds or deep water, high-density breeding, and high level of dissolved oxygen aquaculture.

Paddlewheel aerator

Paddlewheel aerators widely used all over the world, speciall in intensive ponds and raceways.

High efficiency

2HP paddle wheel aerator could provide oxygen for 800kg of black tiger shrimp or for 1200kg of white shrimp (vanname shrimp) comparing the 1HP paddle wheel for 500kg of black tiger shrimp or 800kg of white shrimp, but also provides a higher level of dissolved oxygen in large.

Paddle wheel aerators

Paddle wheel aerators made in TAIWAN is best your choice!

New design for lower power consumption

Low power consumption paddle wheel aerators made by many years of researching & designing the latest energy saving to produce the same quantity of dissolved oxygen and the same length of water flow compare generally-purpose paddle wheel (the old type) with saving 25% ~ 30% power consumption.

Paddlewheel aerators
High-speed working impellers splash the water into the air, high efficiency of oxygen transfering

High efficiency and long life

Low power consumption gear based on the use of helical gear, and bevel gear to have the most labor-saving function and produce the greatest torque, low drag also make the energy saving. So that our paddle wheel aerators operating can be more labor saving and power saving at the same time to increase efficiency and longer machine life.

Worm gear reducers
Illustration gear box reducer

Very important for high density shrimp ponds

Paddlewheel aerators are commonly used in semi-intensive shrimp/prawn culture and is one of the major capital cost item in the farm. The paddlewheel aerators are used to increase contact surface of water with air thereby increasing the area through which oxygen is absorbed by the water and to create a circular movement of the pond water. As the pond water moves in a circular fashion the pond bottom is cleaned and the waste matter gets accumulated in the center and the corners. By this method most of the pond bottom is kept clean.

indoor shrimp farming equipment
High density shrimp pond is using a combination of paddle wheel aerators and air diffuser system