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High quality (long life)

Paddle wheel aerator life is over 5 years due to high quality spare parts and precise machine processing. The most important parts of paddle wheel are the reducer and motor. Reducer gear box and motor are made by the multi-channel precise machine processing to achieve ISO-9001 quality standards.

Motor and reducer

High efficiency

Our paddle wheel aerator can provide a high level of dissolved oxygen and large water flow. Motor is the culmination of years of R & D for a low power consumption and high efficiency. By the dynamic balance of motor machine test, motor test report can show the motor loading, low power consumption, and high efficiency.

Máy quạt nước Đài Loan

2HP Paddlewheel aerator, 2 sets per 1000 m2 and NANO TUBE® air diffuser system, they are mixed in a pond

Low power consumption


Best quality whole round silicon steel plate
Special design for aquaculture  and suitable for  high temperature
The unique aerator motor made under "ISO9001"and "ISO14001" system
Top quality and above CNC standard
Strict Q.C. to ensure best quality and performance

Low friction coefficient reducer


Updated high quality alloy components
Strong and durable "Worm Gear Wheel" (CNC Standard) and "Input Shaft"
Smooth rotation with low resistance to decrease energy losses
Double Bearing" on each side of Output Shaft, Wide Gear Worm used to provide better torque output and durability
Low drag also make the energy saving

High quality nylon impeller

Professional designed paddle and best blade angle, substantial water splash, strong water current, and high oxygenation performance. Low maintenance cost and replaceable. Toughness against corrosion and sunburn resistance. The "Support or Anchor Part" of the blade on the rim is more strengthened and unique designed. One piece molded, long-lifetime.


Cánh quạt nuôi tôm


#304 stainless steel frame

Made of #304 stainless steel material
Sturdy and without deformation
High durability

#304 stainless steel frame

HDPE Float (boat) & motor cover

Made of 100% new HDPE material to optimize full ductility. Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and sun exposure (UV). One-piece blow molded with absolutely no seeping.

HDPE float

One piece mold Nylon Bearing

"One-Piece Mold" design
No "Pop-Up" problem.
Nylon material with hard-wearing rubber sleeve to make shaft in good operation

Movable Joint/Stainless Steel Movable Joint

Specialized field dressing
Surely, powerful, easy installation.