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  • Roots blowerAT-65S (2.2kW - 3HP, 220V, 1 phase, 50Hz) in 2 shrimp ponds.

  • Roots blowerAT-65S (2.2kW - 3HP, 220V, 1 pha, 50Hz) in shrimp pond (2000 m2).


Simple, high capacity

The blower impeller adopts the original curve track and the optimized design to improve the full-adiabatic efficiency as well as the volumetric efficiency, which makes the capacity and pressure superior. The screen lines adopt the helical construction which used the method of casing at the suction and discharge sides to be cut to a helical shape.

Roots blower AT-50


Roots blower, model AT-65 (3HP,1-3 phase), capacity 1.9-3.67 m3/min, 1450-1750 R.P.M

Aeration in Aquaculture

Roots blower AT-50 blower is suitable for your choice of shrimp ponds with an area of small and medium.

Roots blower in aquaculture

AT-65 blowers often used to increase dissolved oxygen in the water for shrimp pond

Nursery ponds

Post-larvae resistance in stocking period is very low until day 25. For preventing and control diseases on shrimp as early mortality syndrome (EMS), acute hepato-pancreatic necrosis syndrome (AHPNS), white spot disease... New proactive method is used nursery ponds before moving shrimp grow-out ponds.AT-65 blowers are the best choice to enhance dissolved oxygen nursery ponds.

Indoor shrimp farming

AT-65 blowers are stocking density in nursery pond (1,500 PL/m2)

Enhanced dissolved oxygen to the tilapia, red tilapia farms

Low dissolved oxygen can be caused by many factors. The most common is overenrichment (excessive feeding or inflow of nutrients) of ponds, which causes heavy phytoplankton blooms resulting in high respiration or consumption of oxygen. Phytoplankton can die off quickly causing a rapid decomposition of algae by increased bacteria concentrations that consume more oxygen. Hot weather naturally will result in lower oxygen concentrations because warmer water holds less oxygen. A turnover can occur if the cooler and more dense deeper water of ponds (which often also have lower oxygen concentrations) is suddenly mixed to the surface due to a heavy rain or strong winds.

Roots blower for Tilapia farming

Red tilapia cages used aeration system to increase dissolved oxygen levels, stable water environment, decreased food conversion ratio (FCR), saving money

Intensive indoor shrimp farming

AT-65 blower is high pressure and air capacity, best choice for providing dissolved oxygen to the intensive indoor shrimp farming.

Paddle wheel aerator

Paddle wheel aerator and an aeration system increases dissolved oxygen levels in intensive indoor shrimp farming