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Roots blower AT-65S (completed)

Roots blower AT-65S (2.2kW - 3HP, 220V, 1 phase) in 2 shrimp ponds.


Simple, high air capacity

The blower impeller adopts the original curve track and the optimized design to improve the full-adiabatic efficiency as well as the volumetric efficiency, which makes the capacity and pressure superior. The screen lines adopt the helical construction which used the method of casing at the suction and discharge sides to be cut to a helical shape.

Model: AT-65S
Power: 3 HP (2.2kW)
Voltage: 220V/380V, 1-3 pha, 50Hz
Air Capacity: 2.44 m3/min
Pressure: 24.5kPa (2450 mmAq)
Speed: 1450 vòng/min
Outlet: Ø76 (2.5")
Weight: ~55 kg

Roots blower AT-65S included:
Roots blower AT-65 (body)
SS Tube: Ø76, 100cm
Motor: 3HP (2.2kW, 1-3 pha, 50Hz/60Hz, 4Pole)
Speed: 1450 R.P.M (50Hz); 1710 R.P.M (60Hz)
Motor Brand: VTC
Frame (SS): 40cm*70cm

Roots blower AT-65S

Roots blower AT-65S (Roots blower AT-65S) used popular and widely in many fields. Roots blowers have advantages over centrifugal (side channel) blowers. Any aquaculture unit can use these blowers for aeration of ponds, tanks, dames, etc.

Aquaculture aeration

For most aquaculture applications a ring blower is sufficient, high volumes and or pressures are needed, we have Roots blower AT-65S to service this function.

Paddlewheel aerator for shrimp farms

Aeration systen used Roots blower AT-65S to enhance dissolved oxygen

Fish farming (Tilapia, Catfish...)

Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of our Roots blower AT-65S. Oxygen improves the growing of tilapia by supplying oxygen needs on a 24/7 basis because the oxygen supports the aerobic digestion of all foods whenever the tilapia needs or wants to eat.

Tilapia fish cages

The application of more aeration to increase oxygen concentration should improve survival, feed consumption and production, and might improve FCR

Applications for the shrimp ponds

Nursery is a process to change the living conditions of postlarvae from concrete tanks environment to the natural. Nursery period is 7-14 days then transferred to grow-out ponds. Shrimp will quickly adapt to the natural environment, actively prey and grow faster, increase survival rates. This stage is particularly important, which decides the success or failure of the crop. Roots blower AT-65S are the choice of the effective oxygen aeration for the your ponds.

Aerator for shrimp farming

Roots blower AT-65S is in high density nursery pond (1,000 PL/ m2)

Bottom dissolved oxygen in aquaculture

Roots blower AT-65S is in a shrimp pond (pond size ​​2000m2)

Indoor farming

Using Roots blower AT-65S blower increases the dissolved oxygen level of the water and prevents oxygen depletion during the night. It facilitates the volatilization of undesirable gases such as N2, NH3, CH4 and H2S... It accelerates the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter in water and soil and helps in the release of nutritive value of fertilizers. It helps in mixing the pond water and maintenance of ideal conditions all over the pond.

Paddle wheel aerator

Intensive indoor shrimp farming