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Roots blower AT-SD

Aeration Industries Aquaculture

Roots blower AT-SD is a high quality, minimal maintenance with proven, superior performance…all at an economic price. For over 5 years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the Roots blower AT-SD for their aquatic applications.

Máy thổi khí AT-50SD

Roots blower with models AT-50SD and AT-65SD


Strict management of quality standards.
Technical customization (size, pressure, design, pump accessories).
Fewer vibrations transmitted through the lobe, for longer-lasting shafts, gears and bearings.
Oil and dust-free outlet.
Lubricated with high grade oil, proven to be a much better alternative to grease.
Much quieter: our new design can effectively reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.
Lower energy consumption.
Air cooled and circulated for fully blower
Silence design,Extremely low vibration
Energy and gear oil saving, High efficiency
Vertical design,Space saving
Solid construction ,Easy maintenance
Clean air,no oily odor
Coupling driven,No need belt



Explore the various aquatic applications using the Roots blower AT-50SD

Introduction to the Roots blower AT-50SD Explore the various aquatic applications using the Roots blower AT-50SD has been successfully applied to a variety of aquatic applications over the years. Among a sampling of these applications include:

- Freshwater Prawn
- Tilapia
- Catfish
- Trout
- Salmon
- Lobster
- Eel

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Roots blower for aquaculture

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