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Best quality Roots blower

  • Roots blower
  • Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We insist on pursuing the goal of high-quality and the absorption of advanced ideas from abroad, to set up a business reputation of excellence and perfection. Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. has intensified our spirit and attitude in our quest for perpetual betterment, to seek sustained research and improvement, to persist in aggressively adhering to the policy of “customer first, quality first, service first” to ensure customers with quality after-sale services.

    In the past years, with the upgrading of domestic industrial standards, and in view of the imperativeness to enhance market competitiveness, we have passed ISO 9001 in 2002, and passed CE certification in 2005. In this competitive market, we have been seeking product stability, standardized production processes, and continued to renew installation of production equipment and inspection equipment, so that our products are notinferior to those in advanced countries.

    Pressure pluses are the major noise source in blowers The TRUNDEAN Roots Blower could efficiently reduce noise level by approx. 5 dB.

    TRUNDEAN Roots Blower is designed to control backflow pressure to the rotor in order to reduce energy consumption.

    Less vibration transmitted through the lobes result in approx. 20% longer bearing life.


Roots blower for small size pond

  • AQUATEC® Roots blower AT-50
  • A complete range of standard blowers is available for flow rates from 1.2-1.92 m3/hr in single stage and upto any capacity in parallel configurations, for working pressures up to 0.2 kg/cm2. AQUATEC® Roots Blower AT-50 are available as total package units, ready to install or as bare blower units for replacement.

    - Positive displacement blower, no compression, air conveying is smooth, there is small flow rate changes along with pressure changes.
    - Two-lobe linear-shaped impeller making inlet and outlet pulsation quiet with low noise and vibration.
    - Special impeller of mesh curve and small enclosure making roots blower high efficiency, low energy consumption.
    - Small size, light weight and elegant appearance.
    - With high-precision synchronous hard-toothed surface gears ensure long life.
    - Much cleaner with no oil
    - With nitrile rubber seal rings
    - Swedn SKF brearings
    - Germany OPTI belts
    - Consistent with size pond: 1000 - 2000m2


Roots blower for medium size pond

  • AQUATEC® Roots blower AT-65
  • We are a leading and professional importer of Roots Blowers, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Positive Displacement Blowers, Dry vacuum pump.

    We supply them at very competitive prices and of optimum quality.

    Our products have been proved to have a very long and enduring life besides delivering a very efficient performance.

    AQUATEC® Roots Blower AT-65 features:

    - Low noise tri-lobe rotor
    - Noise-reduction know-how application for casing
    - Integral-shaft ductile iron impellors
    - Dual splash lubrication
    - Over sized cylindrical roller bearings
    - Hardened teeth face for precision helical timing gear, taper-lock shaft mounting
    - Versatile configuration
    - Piston ring air seals
    - Lip type viton oil seals
    - Air cooling
    - Automatic belt tensioner and integrated discharge silencer base frame application for the blower package.
    - Consistent with size pond: 3000 - 5000m2.