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  • Roots blower TRUNDEAN TH-100 (11kW - 15HP, 220V/380V, 3 pha, 50Hz) in indoor intensive shrimp farming.

  • Roots blower TRUNDEAN TH-65 (5.5kW - 7.5HP, 220V/380V, 3 pha, 50Hz) in Tilapia and Catfish project.


Famous on the world wide

Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We insist on seeking high-quality talented acquisition of overseas new concepts, to set up a business reputation of excellence and perfection. Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. has intensified our spirit and attitude in our quest for perpetual betterment, to seek sustained research and improvement, to persist in aggressively adhering to the policy of “customer first, quality first, service first” to ensure customers with quality after-sale services.

Trundean Factory
Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd building

ISO 9001 & CE certification

In the past years, with the upgrading of domestic industrial standards, and in view of the imperativeness to enhance market competitiveness, we have passed ISO 9001 in 2002, and passed CE certification in 2005. In this competitive market, we have been seeking product stability, standardized production processes, and continued to renew installation of production equipment and inspection equipment, so that our products are not inferior to those in advanced countries. And we have actively invested in research and development and made improvement on all our products, including Roots Blower, Vertical Blower, Submersible Blower, and Magnetic Drive Pump.

Roots blower processing center zone

Future Prospect

During the past 20 years, we always keep our faith in mind which is providing the best quality products and quickest service to our clients. We have plenty of experience and professional technique in this industry. In the future, we are going to set up branch offices widely in the world in order to provide the best and quickest after-sale service for the international customers. Furthermore, we seek for largest business opportunity by strategic alliance to execute joint procurement and overseas marketing.

Assembled machine is complete, preparing shipment

Agent in VIETNAM

We already have authorized distributor in VIETNAM, so you should contact our distributor directly, the local distributor will serve you well. And here is the contact local distributor information below.

NO.967/8 Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City (7000), VIETNAM
Cellphone: +84 98 814 6111 - Fax (+84) 8 6263 9751

Roots blowers in a container (20ft) imported by 2 LUA EXPORT IMPORT CO., LTD

The widely applications of roots blower

Today, roots blowers are commonly used in semi-intensive shrimp, high intensive shrimp, indoor shrimp, prawn culture and is one of the nomal capital cost item in the farms. The roots blowers are used to increase dissolved oxygen of water at the bottom pond. Using roots blower and AQUATEC® Tube Diffusers is the best your farming.

Máy thổi khí nuôi tôm

Roots blower TH-100 is used in a super-intensive shrimp ponds combined with paddle wheel aerators

To increase productivity tilapia and catfish, an aeration system used Aquatec® Tube Diffusers to increase dissolved oxygen levels in the water. It will provide you with superior features such as:

- It increases the dissolved oxygen level of the water and prevents oxygen depletion during the night.
- It reduces the daily fluctuation range of pH value.
- It accelerates the decomposition and mineralization of organic matter in water and soil and helps in the release of nutritive value of fertilizers.
- It diminishes the possible stratification of pH, DO, salinity and temperature in the pond water.
- It helps in mixing the pond water and maintenance of ideal conditions all over the pond.
- It increases turbidity when necessary

Nuôi cá rô phi

A roots blower TH-65 in a Tilapia pond

Wastewater treatment

The wastewater treatment process using biological methods in aerobic conditions, Oxygen is essential for oxidation of organic compounds that absorb bacteria. Oxygen regime is very important for the activity of microorganisms in the wastewater treatment works. Oxygen supply to the bacteria in the Aeroten biochemical oxidation of organic matter, transforming ammonium into nitrite nitrogen, nitrate and mix with sewage sludge....

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Aerated lagoon