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Video project of shrimp farming $2.6 Million

  • Project information:

    Over area: 20 hecta
    Total investment cost: $2,6 Million
    Location: Ben Tre provine - VIETNAM

    Grow-out ponds: 40 ponds
    Grow-out pond size: 25m x 40m (1000 m2)
    Stocking density in Grow-out pond: 300 - 500 pcs/m2
    Stocking grow-out : 30 - 45 days

    Nursery ponds: 20 ponds
    Nursery pond size: 3m x 4m (120m2)
    Stocking density in Nursery pond: 2500 pcs/m2
    Post-larvae: 4-6
    Stocking period : 3-4 weeks
    A nursery pond will transfer 2 grow-out ponds

  • General requirements:

    Dissolved oxygen (DO): 5.0 - 6.5 mg/lit
    Products operation time: 24/24
    HDPE liner timelife: 15 years
    Manufacturer certification: CO, CQ
    Installation and harvesting: simple, fast
    Settling ponds, sewage ponds have tilapia to be activate water.

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