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NANO TUBE® - Oxygen diffusor for intensive marine aquaculture

NANO TUBE® is a highly effective low-to-medium-pressure diffusor for oxygen enrichment in aquaculture farming.

NANO TUBE® is used during high water temperatures, during lice treatment, in emergency situations, in pre-slaughter cages, during harvest, transport and for general prevention of fish stress/oxygen deficiency

NANO TUBE® diffusor hose is specially designed for large scale oxygenation. Due to its double hose design where the distribution hose lies inside the diffusor hose NANO TUBE® is able to distribute oxygen evenly over large surface areas.

Ống NANO-TUBE® - Giải pháp ngăn chặn bệnh phân trắng
Ống NANO-TUBE® - Sục khí hiệu quả, đáp ứng nuôi tôm trong nhà
Giải pháp cung cấp ôxy cho ao nuôi tôm
Cung cấp ôxy đáy cho ao nuôi tôm
Thu hoạch tôm thẻ chân trắng
NANO-TUBE® Thiết bị sục khí đáy ao hiệu quả
Vỉ khuếch tán ôxy đáy NANO-TUBE®