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Shrimp nursery systems - High survival solutions

Shrimp seedstock from hatcheries or collected in the wild can be directly stocked into production ponds, or the animals can go through a transitional growout phase called the nursery. A nursery phase can be an important management strategy in the growout process for penaeid shrimp under semi-intensive and intensive conditions.

Production systems that use the nursery phase usually have higher overall survival rates and production per area than one-phase growout systems, where postlarvae are stocked directly into growout ponds. Nursery systems provide a relatively high degree of control over environmental conditions and feeding, and exclusion of predators and competitors is facilitated.

Aeration, diffusers  is very important (Air-Rubber Diffusers, O2-Turbine Aerator, Nano-Tube Diffusers)

Raceways shrimp nursery - High survival rate solutions
Raceways shrimp nursery - High survival rates
Shrimp nursery ponds - Increase the number of production
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Intensive shrimp nursery tanks
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Shrimp nursery prevents white spot syndrome, early mortality syndrome virus
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Raceways shrimp nursery systems