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Paddle wheel aerators
Dissolved oxyen for aquaculture
Shrimp nursery systems - High survival solutions
Video project of shrimp farming $2.6 Million
Small area pond, high productivity
NANO TUBE® - Oxygen diffusor for intensive marine aquaculture
Explore AQUATEC® Aeration
Roots blower for fish farming
O2-TURBINE® Aerator
Project support oxygen catfish, tilapia farming
Hyper-intensive nursery systems in pond
Cage culture of Red Tilapia
Shrimp nursery raceways
Dissolved-oxygen level in fish pond
Paddlewheel aerator
Super intensive shrimp farming
Seabass and Vannamei shrimp in Cambodia
Nursery ponds
Basic project - vannamei shrimp ponds
Intensive production of Tilapia