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High quality

White fused alumina was made from the high quality alumina by melting above 2000 °C in the electric arc furnace and cooling. It is white with the main crystal phase alpha-Al2O3.

White Fused Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide Sand is high hardness, uniform size, corrosion resistance.

High temperature

Characterized by its high purity,strong grinding ability, abrasive tools made of it are suitable for grinding and polishing of cutting tools, precision-castings, spraying and coasting, medium body for chemical industry applications, special ceramics and high-grade refractory materials

Fused Aluminum Oxide

The smaller the size, higher precision. Depending on your purpose, there are many sizes to choose.

Good resistance to abrasion

Good resistance to abrasion; High mechanical strength; High melting point. Excellent electric insulating property. Outstanding resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum Oxide

Hardness, wear-resistant, resists strong acid and alkali attack at elevated temperatures, excellent size and shape capability, high strength and stiffness, etc.